Studio Overview


My aim is to have your music shine in all its glory and to preserve and enhance its musicality and emotion – to let it be itself, only more so. I’m always striving for an impactful master, yet I want it to have transparency, dynamic openness and well-controlled, full-bodied warmth. In order to achieve this, the studio is of course equipped with high quality hardware as well as software and has the speaker system and acoustics to match.

Your music can be mastered for CD, vinyl and iTunes according to your wishes. I take extra delight in mastering for good-old vinyl, since my style of mastering naturally suits it. This can be done with creamy, gorgeous analogue gear or surgical precision digital wizardry, but usually it will be a combination of both. There is also the option of running your mixes through my Studer tape recorder for that extra, illusive tape magic.


Listening is the most important part of mastering. Not only do I listen to your music and what story it has to tell, I also like to listen to you. You are more than welcome to attend the mastering session, but it is equally possible to simply upload your music to me — and I will take good care of it. To help you gain some more insight into the mastering process and how to best deliver your mixes for mastering, there is a downloadable PDF below..

Mastering Image


Kyteman - The Hermit Sessions My Baby - Shamanaid Rudy & His Fascinators - Drummer Girl Daily Bread - Iterum Broken Brass Ensemble - Broken Brass Ensemble EP Diff - Count Your Losses C-Mon & Kypski - Where the Wild Things Are Baobab - N'Wolof My Baby - Loves Voodoo! Klaas Hoek - Das alte Jahr vergangen ist The Monroes - Tears & Trials Luie Hond - Recht Je Rug Martin Lubenov - Dui Droma Kypski - Wreck Fader De Jongens Driest - In Full Color Bert Hadders en de Nozems

Whether you are a famous artist or not, your creative output will get my full attention. Most artists are obviously relatively unknown before they make it big, but that’s what happened to My Baby and Kyteman… and it might also happen to you. I love to help you on your way and will do all I can to get your music towards a best-selling release.

More Clients

  • Alloy
  • Amsterdam Klezmer Band
  • Arling Productions
  • Arno Bakker
  • Arno van der Heijden
  • Los Asesinos de Superficialidad
  • Atama
  • Atonk
  • De Avonduren
  • Bas Mulder
  • Bati Band
  • Be Slick
  • Beef (remix)
  • Belle Reve
  • Bert Hadders en de Nozems
  • Bert's Bries
  • Beumer en Drost
  • Blues Inc.
  • Bot
  • C-mon & Kypski
  • Case & Henk
  • Cees Kieboom (CEES!)
  • Chill Before Serving
  • Choice Music
  • Crazy Jane's Talking
  • CT Heida
  • D-A-A-N
  • Daily Bread
  • Dakar Sound
  • Dazzled Kid
  • Deadstock (Japan)
  • Der Helm
  • Des Noots
  • Dion
  • Dionysios Passas
  • Discured Pain
  • Dynamic Dog Clipping
  • Eek-a-Mouse
  • Electric Barbarian
  • Elvis Matters
  • Les Enfants Terribles
  • Fanfara
  • Five 4 Vibes
  • Floris Vermeulen
  • Foundation Sound
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Frozen Blue Crystals
  • Gather Roses
  • George Welling
  • Grafisch Museum
  • Green Hornet
  • Groove Detectives
  • Groverpop
  • Guzel & Kromhout Boys
  • Hans Ten Have Band
  • Harry van Lier
  • Harry Niehof
  • Heat Machine
  • ill11!
  • In Limbo
  • Intentions
  • Jammah Tammah
  • JeeBee
  • Jet Set Ready
  • John Aidan
  • Johnny Baby
  • De Jongens Driest
  • Karakter Uitgevers
  • Katafalk
  • The Kickers
  • Klaas Hoek
  • Klaske Oenema
  • Krukkenklup
  • Kyteman
  • Le Titre
  • Lex Notenboom
  • Luie Hond
  • Machines & Monkeys
  • Marble
  • Martin Lubenov
  • Mass of Critics
  • Mathew Tembo
  • Mean Machine
  • Melanocaster
  • The Mixed Project
  • The Monroes
  • Monsters from Outer Ska
  • The Mother Lovers
  • Nina
  • NNB
  • Nomades
  • Nomen
  • Noon
  • Noord Nederlands Orkest
  • Nora Klaus
  • Noujoum Raï
  • O-Bat
  • Obtuse
  • OD B@be
  • Office Killer
  • Onakentona
  • Orpheo
  • Oyster
  • A Pin's Fee
  • Plan Kruutntoone
  • Podgy
  • Ralph de Jongh & Crazy Hearts
  • Raï One
  • Reda
  • Remko Wind
  • Rock=Bullshit
  • Rod
  • Rooie Oortjes Festival
  • Roos Galjaard
  • RRR
  • Rum & Skunk
  • Runk
  • Sanctio
  • Sane Insanity
  • Saro Paradiso
  • Satanic Panic
  • Scooly
  • Seizure
  • Shane Shu
  • El Shit
  • Skelly's Dream
  • Skip & Die
  • Smiling Ossei
  • Sonar
  • Spiritual Dissolvent
  • Spotrockers
  • Sprinkler
  • Superfly
  • Suus de Groot
  • Tender Blue
  • Terecht
  • Thijs Poorterman
  • Third Wing
  • Tim Meeuws
  • Tjeerd Abma
  • Uitgeverij Deviant
  • Venice (USA) - Live DVD
  • Vikings In Tibet
  • Wierda
  • Yu Heng
  • Zebra
  • Zinidine


Analogue outboard

  • Manley Massive Passive EQ (NOS tubes)
  • Avalon Design VT 747 – Compressor / EQ
  • Custom SSL4000 - VCA compressor
  • Custom Pultec MEQ5 - Passive midrange EQ (NOS Tubes)
  • Custom Sontec M250EP - EQ (JE990 op-amps)
  • WynoSaur - AMS-1 Analog Router
  • Grimm Audio TPR wiring throughout

Digital outboard

  • Crane Song HEDD 192 - AD-DA (24bit / 192Khz)
  • Benchmark DAC1 - Reference DA


  • Tannoy SGM-10B custom bi-amped active
  • Bryston 10b crossover
  • Tannoy Sub system
  • Crane Song - Avocet II Monitor Controller


  • Studer a807 - 1/4" Analog tape recorder
  • Marantz CD-R realtime CD recorder
  • Sony DAT recorder with digital I/O
  • Apple iMac


  • Sony DADC - Studio Gold CD-R
  • JVC / Taiyo Yuden CD-R
  • ATR studio tape
Recorder Image

Software and plugins

  • ProTools 2018
  • Sonoris DDP Creator - CD authoring and PQ coding
  • Sonoris - Mastering Compressor
  • UAD Quad – DSP plugins
  • Sony - Sonnox R3 Oxford EQ and SuprEsser
  • Nugen Audio - Monofilter 4
  • PSP audioware – Neon EQ, Xenon limiter, X-dither
  • Audio Ease - Altiverb 7.1


Michiel Cornelisse


My name is Michiel Cornelisse (1971 - Uithoorn) and I am the owner and engineer of Blaisdell Studio. I made my first multitrack recording in 1985, got bitten by the bug and haven't stopped making records since.

Being a musician myself, as well as being exposed to live music and great musicians all the time as an engineer, I’m driven to have recorded music feel 'as if you where there'. Working as a producer, recording and mixing engineer most of my musical career, I’ve learned the process of making records inside and out. My ambition to bring out the best in music and recorded sound eventually led me into the very special realm of mastering.

I’m also the longstanding live sound engineer for the balkan heavy hitters - Amsterdam Klezmer Band and I have been mixing the live sound for the likes of Daily Bread, Ralph de Jongh & Crazy Hearts, Luie Hond and Jammah Tammah, among quite a few others.


Unattended sessions:

Mastering per hour € 60
Single track € 75

For album rates, test masters and attended sessions, please contact me.


Michiel Cornelisse

  • Blaisdell Studio
  • Damsterkade 6-1
  • 9711SE Groningen
  • The Netherlands
Telephone: +316 - 15 10 42 72